Saturday, June 14, 2014

Setting up my stitching space

Comfortable chair check
Being comfortable as to not cause neck and back strain is very important. Posture makes stitching for long periods of time enjoyable. Really take notice as to how you are positioned while you are stitching. Also be sure to take breaks. Get up and stretch.

Good lighting check
I was given a great ott light for Christmas. It lights up my stitching space when stitching in the evening. During the day natural light is great.

Aida mounted to stitching frame check
I have attached the fabric to my stitching frame. It is nice and tight for easy stitching.

Needlework scissors on hand check
A good sharp pair of needlework scissors is great to have on hand for snipping threads.

Pattern check
I have taken a copy of the original pattern so that I have a working copy. I can make notes on it and even mark it up and I still have the original if my working copy needs replacing.

Sorted threads check
I have the pre-sorted thread cards ready to go.

I think I'm ready! Let the stitching begin!

Next time logging my stitching time.

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