Friday, June 13, 2014

Choosing a cross stitch frame

As the Lady & The Tramp piece is quite large being 16x12 I decided it would be best to stitch using a frame. I currently have a couple of frames but they all have some features that just don't quite work for me.

I have a free standing frame. These are great for large projects. They also have lots of adjustments so you can tweak them to the right hight and angle. However the one that I have seems to come loose at all of the adjustment points so it moves around to much for my liking. Below is a picture of it. It is the Edmunds Adjustable Craft Frame.

The next one I have is one that you would place over your lap. It is on a pivoting frame. This one is similar to the one above in that it gets loose and moves around. American Dream Products Oak Frame. Picture below.

So I wanted to try a frame that didn't have so many moving parts. I want one that I can place over my lap as I like to sit in a comfortable chair to stitch. I also want a frame that I can easily get my arm underneath without constantly bumping into the edges of the fabric. So I have ordered the below frame by Images Stitchery. I have high hopes for it. It comes with 2 different size rods. I will have to make an additional set of rods as I need them just a bit wider for the Lady & The Tramp kit.

What is your favorite stitching frame or hoop?

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