Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hello fellow stitchers welcome to my blog

This is going to be a collection of cross stitch projects that I am going to share my progress on and a few cross stitch tips and techniques that I use along the way. I hope you enjoy the read and pictures. Thank you for visiting.

I have just purchased my first Disney Dreams cross stitch kit. These kits are based on the paintings of Thomas Kinkade. For my first kit I have decided to do Lady & The Tramp. The detail that is portrayed in this piece of art is amazing. So many components of the story are all captured in a single 16x12 picture. Below is what it will look like when it's finished.

About the kit:
Made in USA by MCG Textiles
The kit includes 18 count Aida cloth
Pre-sorted floss
Decorative thread
And of course directions

When searching to purchase these kits be sure to find out if the kit has pre-sorted floss. The older kits did not come pre-sorted. The pre-sorted floss saves a lot of prep time.

Opening the kit:
The instructions included in the kit are great. The pattern is nice and clear as are the symbols. I am going to photo copy the pattern so that I have a working copy. With a pattern this large I want to be able to mark the areas that I have completed with a marker.

The pre-sorted floss cards are fantastic! They even provide an extra hole for each color so that you can keep the full pieces of floss separate from the working ones.

The Aida cloth is a light tan color. It is a nice size piece with a good amount of extra for putting it in a cross stitch frame and for actual mounting and framing when it's finished.